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About Us

We write amazing Sample Academic Papers.

Pirosca24 is a ghostwriting agency for aspiring academics. We write sample scientific papers in German and English and theses for bachelor’s and master’s students at reasonable prices. Our ghostwriters are academics only. 

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We will check your request and make you an offer. After agreeing and paying the 10 % upfront fee, a ghostwriter will contact you by mail to clarify open questions regarding the format, draft outline and zitation method. Then the writing process begins. We deliver in usually three partial deliveries with feedback cycle and termination possibilies.

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In the last step, we check grammar, spelling and citation for you again and run a plagiarism check. Then you receive the final sample paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We write sample papers for bachelor’s and master’s students. This can be systematic literature reviews, but also empirical studies. We evaluate expert interviews according to Mayring or Kuckartz. In addition, we also carry out simple statistical evaluations of online surveys using Excel, SPSS or comparable tools such as PSPP or R programs.

We rely on scientific databases and available primary and secondary literature such as specialist books, scientific journals, studies, case studies, interviews, magazine articles or journal articles. However, information from company websites and research institutions are also used. Depending on the research topic and research questions, certain search terms and search strings are used. AI programs can also be used to search for suitable literature. It would be a lie if we say that we don’t also look at current trends and available systems that can make our work easier. If it makes our work better, they will also be used. However, some AI programs also invent sources or add content that is not true. Therefore their use is not possible without restrictions.

There are numerous online databases that we use for scientific work such as bachelor’s and master’s theses. This includes both general databases and specialized specialist databases. Some examples of general databases are Google Scholar, JSTOR, and the Universal Database of Social Sciences. These offer access to a variety of scientific articles and publications from various specialist areas. Specialized subject databases such as PubMed, PsycINFO, and IEEE Xplore are aimed at specific disciplines such as medicine, psychology and engineering and provide access to specific literature and research results. There are also many other online databases that can be used depending on your needs and discipline.

Iit is usually not illegal to receive a sample paper from a ghostwriter as long as you as a customer use it as a reference, sample or example. However, problems can arise if the work is submitted one-to-one to the university/university of applied sciences without any adaptation or labeling and no personal contribution can be identified.

Each of our customers therefore undertakes to adapt the sample work before submission or to use it as a sample so that their own work can be recognized.

In Germany and Austria, such actions could otherwise be viewed as deception, especially when it comes to academic achievements. However, there are no specific laws against ghostwriting, but general provisions regarding cheating in exams may apply.

Similar considerations could apply in Switzerland. Universities and colleges may have their own policies restricting the use of ghostwriters. Please find out in advance about the current laws, rulings in your country and the specific requirements of your university.

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